XL Connect (XLC100)

XL Connect is Shiloh’s exclusive, user-friendly data visualization solution. This powerful Excel add-in allows you to access, consolidate and analyze your data all from within Excel’s familiar environment, then publish and schedule your documents for distribution by the ShilohNEXT platform.

These short walkthrough videos will get you up and running in XL Connect from creating your first query through to scheduling a report, and they are a great refresher if you've attended instructor-led training.

Using the "XL Connect Documentation" link below, you will be able to visit our Customer Support Portal, where you'll find the documentation broken down into easy-to-read articles.
  • XL Connect Overview (4 min.)
  • Query Editor Basics (6 min.)
  • Generate a Basic Report (5 min.)
  • Save Time Using Favorites (4 min.)
  • NEW Filter Wizard Example - No Audio (30 sec.)
  • Sort a Query (3 min.)
  • Upload, Download and Schedule Reports (7 min.)
  • Master Data Management (7 min.)
  • XL Connect Documentation
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "XL Connect Overview (4 min.), Query Editor Basics (6 min.), Generate a Basic Report (5 min.), Save Time Using Favorites (4 min.), Sort a Query (3 min.), Upload, Download and Schedule Reports (7 min.)"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever