Shiloh Classic

003 Report Building

In the Report Building course, you begin to learn how to leverage the reporting capabilities of Shiloh.

Topics covered include an overview of the report building process, publishing a quick XLS report from a data set, becoming familiar with Report Layout Designer, building a basic report, working with Excel report templates, formatting reports, creating sheet break (multi-tab) reports, building a rows high (stacked) report, using conditional formatting, modifying/repurposing an existing Shiloh report, converting your reports to a newer version of Excel and converting an Excel report to a Shiloh report.

This course will take approximately three hours to complete.

Prerequisites: Shiloh Basic Training & Working with Data Sets
  • Getting Started in Report Building
  • Building a Basic Report
  • Modifying an Excel Report Template
  • Adding Sheet Breaks to a Report
  • Building a Rows High Report
  • Repurposing an Existing Report in Shiloh
  • Convert to Newer Version of Excel
  • Create a Report in Shiloh from an Existing Excel Report
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever